Mellon-Bouchet Fellows: Class of 2015


Andres Bustamante
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Gil Joseph and Mary Miller

Andrés Bustamante is a History major in Berkeley College. His research focuses on nationalism in nineteenth and twentieth century Mexico. Specifically, he is interested in the development of cultural heritage legislation and the role of museums in forging a post-revolutionary national identity.


Javier Cienfuegos
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Roach 

Javier Cienfuegos is a sophomore in Calhoun College. He is majoring in Theater Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. His research interest is the use of comedy as a political tool in Latino theatre in California. He hopes to spend his summer in LA, building his background both in comedy and political theatre. 



Kathy Phan
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Mary Lui

Kathy Phan is a rising junior Mellon Mays Fellow in Ezra Stiles College. She is double majoring in Political Science and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration with a concentration on Immigration. Currently, the topic she would like to focus on is “Defining Asian Americans: Harmonizing Political Identity with Immigration Policy.”  Her research will explore how immigration policy profoundly impacts the lives and experiences of the Asian American community and influences their political choices, particularly political partisanship.  



Christofer Rodelo
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Albert Laguna

Christofer Rodelo is a rising junior in Jonathan Edwards College majoring in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration with a concentration in Latina/o Studies. He is interested in researching Latina/o supermarkets in Southern California and their function as spaces of transnational identity and cultural commodification. In particular, he hopes to understand the ways in which markets project an idealized Latina/o customer (through advertisements, goods sold, and other features) and how these customers fulfill complicate these assumptions. This summer, he plans to conduct preliminary research in these stores and gain a stronger foundation in the Latina/o Studies discipline. 


Donald Rodriguez
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Maria Moreno

Donald Rodriguez is a sophomore Chemical Engineering major in Ezra Stiles College. Since first arriving at Yale, Donald has focused on the intersection between medicine and the various branches of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). His research interests delve into the molecular and cellular basis of health and disease, and he sees himself pursuing a career in academia and biomedical research. This summer, Donald will be researching liver cell biology at the Center for Engineering in Medicine in Boston, MA.


Rahul Singh
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Metrick

Rahul Singh is a rising junior in Saybrook College majoring in Economics and Mathematics. His interests lie in political economy and financial systems, particularly in the context of India. This summer, he is doing a supervision on political economy at Cambridge University and studying Indian urbanization at the Centre for Policy Research, a think tank in New Delhi.


Azmar K. Williams 
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Holloway

Azmar K. Williams is a rising junior Mellon Mays Fellow in Silliman College working with Professor Jonathan Holloway.  A history major, Azmar’s research focuses on modern U.S. history and African American history and culture.   This summer he will be at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducting research as part of the Moore Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program.


Aily Zhang
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Peter Purdue

Aily Zhang is a rising junior Mellon Mays Fellow in Silliman College. An Environmental Studies and East Asian Studies double major, she is working with Professor Peter Perdue in the History and Environmental Studies Departments at Yale. Her research focuses on the political ecology of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture in Post-Socialist China. Drawing from the fields of environmental history, food history, anthropology, and agroecology, her project hopes to explores how economic reform and urban development in China have altered the country’s food production capabilities and shaped its food pathways. This summer, she will conduct fieldwork and archival research at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Renmin University in Beijing, and WOOF at organic farms in Beijing and Guangzhou.