Mellon-Bouchet Fellows: Class of 2013

Sunny Jones
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: James Rothman

Sunny Jones is a molecular, cellular and developmental biology major and rising junior Bouchet Fellow in Branford College. She currently works with James Rothman in the Cell Biology Department at the Yale Medical School. She is interested in understanding the mechanisms of SNAREs, proteins that fuel the trafficking of vesicles through the Golgi Apparatus of the cell. This summer she will be at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California conducting research as a part of their summer science program.

José-Alberto Navarro
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Carol Carpenter

José-Alberto Navarro is a rising junior Bouchet Fellow in Berkeley College majoring in Global Affairs working with Dr. Carol Carpenter at the School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences. He is interested in the economic and anthropological intersections of sustainable development, especially as it relates to food and fuel production and consumption. This summer he will be working at CalPoly Pomona’s Center for Regenerative Studies and continuing his research in New Haven at Yale and with The Phoenix Press (owner of Connecticut’s largest wind turbine project).

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Pitti

 Isabel Santos-Gonzalez, a Bouchet Fellow, is a rising junior in Silliman College.  She is an American Studies major and is working with Professor Stephen Pitti in the American Studies/History departments.  Her research for the summer of 2011 focuses on Chicano literature from the mid-twentieth century to the present.  She is drawing from novels, short stories, and graphic novels from Sandra Cisneros, Arturo Islas, and Los Bros Hernandez (among other authors) to piece together a comprehensive picture of the Chicano experience in the United States and analyze representations of gender, family, and ethnicity in the Chicano community. 

Natalia Thompson
Bouchet Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Alicia Schmidt Camacho  

Natalia Thompson is a rising junior Bouchet Fellow in Davenport College working with Professor Alicia Schmidt Camacho. A Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major, Natalia’s research focuses on grassroots LGBTQ activism in Latin America. She will conduct ethnographic research this summer in Mexico City, focusing on organizing among queer young women. 

Catherine Dinh
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: 
Stephen Pitti

Catherine Dinh is a rising junior Bouchet Fellow in Pierson College working with Prof. Stefanie Markovits in the English Department. Her project is interdisciplinary, involving both Psychology and English Literature, which she plans to major in. She is interested in how reading novels, including those of Jane Austen, compares to actual processing of our social world. This summer, she will learn how to research in these disciplines at the University of Chicago’s MMUF Summer Research Training Program.

 Jazzmin Estebane 
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor:  Kathryn Dudley

Jazzmin Estebane is a rising Junior Mellon Mays fellow working with Professor Kathryn Dudley in the Anthropology Department. She is a Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies major interested in identity formation and the intersection of ethnicity, sexuality and disability in Latino HIV/AIDS organizing and advocacy. This summer she will travel to Los Angeles to work with the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives and work with Bienestar, a leading Latino HIV/AIDS advocacy organization. 

Lawrence Lim
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Geetanjali Singh

Lawrence Lim is a senior in Ezra Stiles College working with Professor Matthew Jacobson and PhD candidate Talya Zemach-Bersin in American Studies. Drawing from history, anthropology, postcolonial and travel theory, his project explores the politics of race and class in ‘anti-conquest’ teaching narratives and their relationship to neoliberal imperatives of the contemporary “education reform” movement. Specifically, his research examines the ways in which imperial methods of description employed in late-20th century cultural texts about teaching have produced the troped narrative space of “the struggling inner-city school” while also securing innocence, epistemic authority, and aesthetic gain for the “heroic” teaching subject. His research also relates the production of teaching narratives to concerns in the social imaginary about the crisis of declining U.S. educational power and competitiveness on the world stage.

Ryan Mendias
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor:   Jafari Allen 

Ryan Mendías is a Mellon Mays Fellow and junior Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies major in Branford College.  Ryan is working with Jafari S. Allen in the Anthropology and WGSS departments to explore questions of masculinity, sex work, and performance.  This summer, he’s conducting ethnographic research on male dancers in gay nightclubs in New York City, where he hopes to gain a better understanding of the gendered and labor dynamics at play in a queer sexual economy.

Elizabeth Rule
Mellon Fellow
Faculty Mentor: Ned Blackhawk 

Elizabeth Rule is a rising junior in Pierson College and is majoring in American Studies. Professor Ned Blackhawk is advising her research on the ways in which American Indian tribal museums represent tribal sovereignty.  This summer Elizabeth will travel around the United States visiting tribal museums to college preliminary research.