Peer Liaison Program

Peer liaisons are upperclassmen who help connect first-year students to the wealth of support and programming initiatives based in the LGBTQ Resource Center, the University Chaplain’s Office, the Office of International Students and Scholars, the Afro-American Cultural Center, the Asian American Cultural Center, the La Casa Latino Cultural Center, and the Native American Cultural Center. This program will rely on the resources available at each center, and the peer liaisons will serve as a resource for first-year students and guide them to the services they need.

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Peer Liaison Request Form

Apply to be a Peer Liaison (Application deadline Friday, February 6 at 5 pm)

2015-2016 Peer Liaison Application

Please note that all 2015-2016 peer liaison nominees are required to attend mandatory training sessions before they begin their duties. The first training will run from 4pm on Friday, March 27th, till 7pm on Saturday, March 28th. During this time peer liaison teams will also have the opportunity to meet with their center directors and begin learning to work as a unit. (Note: students abroad during the spring term or with unavoidable conflicts like an athletic competition or a death in the family will have the opportunity to listen to these sessions and should contact for information.) The second training session will be held on Wednesday, August 26. Attendance to all sessions is mandatory. Peer liaisons are expected to move into their permanent rooms on Tuesday, August 25.


• Yale College rising sophomore, junior, or senior in good academic standing who exhibit consistent, exemplary conduct
• A student who is receptive to feedback and open to new ideas, experiences, and different points of view
• A warm, friendly, individual who has the ability and sensitivity to work with a diverse population
• Someone who manages his/her time effectively and works well under pressure

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Role model, adviser, trusted mentor who establishes a meaningful learning relationship
• Empowers mentee to be engaged, responsible, and proactive citizen at Yale
• Referral agent for center/campus resources
• Provides social, academic, emotional support
• Helps new students transition to life at Yale
• Attends and participates in ongoing training and routine meetings with center directors


• Competitive hourly wage
• Flexible scheduling from 5-10 hours per week
• Training, knowledge, and experience working with a diverse student population
• Develop and refine interpersonal, mediation, and peer counseling skills


List of 2014-2015 Peer Liaisons

Afro-American Cultural Center

Director: Rodney T. Cohen

  • Ruth Assefa
  • Nickolas Brooks
  • Paige Curtis
  • Julia Dixon
  • Amanda Farrell
  • Nya Holder
  • Akinyi Ochieng*
  • Bechir-Auguste Pierre
  • Chad Small
Asian American Cultural Center

Director: Saveena Dhall

  • Victoria Chu*
  • Zobia Chunara
  • Katherine Fang
  • Austin Long
  • Connie Lu
  • Payal Marathe
  • Sara Miller
  • Isra Syed
La Casa Latino 
Cultural Center

Int. Director: Amanda Lynn Hernandez

  • Cathleen Calderon
  • Adriana Embus
  • William Genova
  • Paola Severino
  • Alfonso Toro*
  • Israel Tovar
Native American Cultural Center

Int. Director: Christopher J. Cutter

  • William (Tanner) Allread
  • Lindsey Hogg*
  • Justin Riner
  • Nicota Stevenson
  • Helder Toste
  • Andrea Wiglesworth
Office of LGBTQ Resources

Director: Maria Trumpler

  • Tabitha Spencer-Salmon
  • Laurel German 
  • Darien Lee
  • Jose Limon*
  • Jez Marston
  • Emily G. Ward
Office of International Students and Scholars

Director: Ann Kuhlman

  • James Broughton
  • Juliet Caragianis*
  • Vivath Ly
  • Linh Nguyen*
  • Esther Soma
  • Chen Wang
  • Han Myo Oo
Chaplain’s Office

Director: Sharon Kugler

  • Alexandro Gonzalez-Calvillo
  • Emily Briskin
  • Maya Major
  • Alizeh Maqbool
  • Pratyusa Mukherjee
  • Sabrina Rangi*
  • Aquiel Warner