Pierson Freshman Counselors

Derwin Aikens 

NAME: Derwin Aikens/ COLLEGE: Pierson College/ MAJOR: Environmental Studies/ FRESHMAN MEMORY: Early every freshman year, the a cappella groups hold auditions for members of the freshman class. If you make it through the process and are chosen to be in one of the groups, there is a crazy choosing ceremony called “tap night”. The ceremony consists of a short concert by the senior groups and, Marichal Gentry, Associate VP of Student Life, dropping a broom to begin the ceremony, and then a lot of running. I remember looking out from the LW courtyard watching all the groups sprinting around Old Campus, “tapping”all the new members of the freshman class. I tried to patiently wait for my turn but I was starving and it took so long. A friend who was in Pierson and was also being tapped for the Duke’s Men and I ran over to get some food, but as we were almost to Yorkside, we got a call saying they were at our door! We rushed back to Old Campus and through the crowd of our future best friends to our door. We were sung a song, heard an amazing tale of our “legendary audition”, drank from a Mory’s Cup, and began the adventure that would shape my college experience. This was one of the most exciting nights of my college career and one of my first!

Gwen Antell

Hi, I’m Gwen Antell, a rising Pierson senior majoring in E&EB (Ecology andEvolutionary Biology) who loves to get dirty. After the colossal rains at the end of Camp Yale, I joined a group of strangers on Old Campus in sliding in mud puddles. I persuaded my FroCo to join in, and then impressed everyone by full-on slide tackling the biggest puddle—coating every piece of clothing and exposed skin in mud.

Shoshana Bieler

Hi, I’m Shoshi Bieler, an American Studies major in Pierson. One of my favorite memories from freshman year was working on the Dramat freshman show, and especially the night we all loaded in the set. It was so amazing to watch everyone on the team coming together, and to see everything we had accomplished even though it was only our second semester at Yale.

Hannah Carrese

Hey folks. Hannah Carrese here. Defining labels: Piersonite, Coloradan, Humanities Major. Fave fresh memory: clambering up Bear Mountain in the pouring rain with FOOT friends. Or late nights poring over Aristotle and Augustine? Some things I love: tele skiing and Tolstoy.

Gineiris Garcia

Hi! My name is Gineiris Garcia and I am a Theater Studies major in Pierson College. One of my favorite memories from freshman year is going to the Chaplain’s office with a couple of my suite mates on a whim. We were planning on just grabbing ice cream and heading back to our dorm, but we ended up staying there for about two hours as they taught me how to play Apples to Apples and I owned them in several rounds of Scrabble. It’s the little moments that count!

Andrew Hu

Hello my name is Andrew Hu and I am going to be a FroCo for Pierson College next year. I am an Economics, Computer Science & Math major but feel free to ask me about anything. I’m into performing magic tricks, Muay Thai, and BJJ. Which brings me to my favorite freshman memory: A friend convinced to go to a Muay Thai class and I enjoyed it so much, I haven’t stopped since.

Andre Manuel

Hey, I’m Andre Manuel, and I’m excited to be one of the Pierson FroCo’s! I’m an Ethics, Politics, and Economics major interested in urban policy. My favorite memory freshman year was probably the hurricane (actually!). Being trapped in LDub for (what felt like) days with all the other Pierson freshmen was a ton of fun and a great way to get to know lots of my classmates.

Sara Miller

Hi! My name is Sara Miller and I’m a senior in Pierson College majoring in Sociology with a concentration on markets. My favorite freshmen year memory is Freshmen Olympics; our hockey team also won the national championship that night!