Pierson Freshman Counselors

Gianna Fote

Major: Intensive Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Neurobiology Track (B.S.)

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Walking up science hill for an early class before the snow had been cleared, I felt like Sir Edmund Hillary.



Alexander Haden

Major: Latin American Studies

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: My favorite memory of freshman year is winning the Tug of War during Freshman Olympics; the energy was so high and our whole class was so excited for us.




Kasia Hitczenko

Major: Cognitive Science

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: I have a lot of wonderful memories from freshman year, but one of my favorites was sledding down the hill by the Divinity School on dining hall trays. Hopefully, we’ll get a lot of snow this winter and you’ll get the chance to experience it yourselves!




Emily Hong

Major: Environmental Studies

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: My favorite part of freshman year was my freshman seminar, an 8 person class on “Reproductive Biology.” The professor (an MD PhD) insisted we call him Harvey, brought us food every week, and the first day of class we watched a Lady Gaga video, an episode of Montel, and evaluated various images based on their “sexiness.”



Winnie Hong

Major: Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies/ East Asian Studies

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Running around in a Spider-Man costume looking for my Mary Jane screw date in a gender bending marvel comic parody.




Michael Sherman

Major: Economics

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: My favorite memory from freshman year is probably the moment we won the tug-of-war championship at freshman olympics. Everyone was so happy and all Piersonites came together in celebration.




Diallo Spears

Major: Linguistics

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Some friends and I bought a plastic Christmas tree from Salvation Army that turned out to be MUCH bigger than we expected. We ended up setting it up in the L-Dub courtyard, and the next day everyone helped decorate it.




Rheaya Willis

Major: Psychology (B.A.)

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Dressing up for my first Safety Dance was a blast! I was so excited that I called my mom a week beforehand and asked her to send me all of the old 80’s clothing we had at home. My friends and I had so much fun putting on as much neon and spandex as possible.