Pierson First-Year Counselors

Travis Brady

In my first year at Yale, I took a seminar entitled “Epidemics in Global Perspective” with Professor William Summers. Not only did I meet about a dozen other students from across the US and the world that I got very close with, but I made a connection with a professor that has spanned my time year at Yale. Academically, the course familiarized me with what is a required of a college level research paper, and gave me the opportunity to learn about a subject I was very interested in.

Peter Chung

My first year I got really into running and went on a ton of runs with friends and my FroCo. My favorite memory was going on a run with one of my friends the first thing in the morning one day in October. It was freezing out, and we decided to leave at 4:45am to go to the top of East Rock, a park/giant rock that looks out over New Haven. Exhausted, I looked out over the the whole city of New Haven and Yale’s campus as the sun began to rise. I loved it so much and I think about the tranquility that gave me whenever I’m stressed.

Paige Cunningham

What surprised me most about Yale was how keen people were to form bonds with each other and forge friendships.

Julia Feldstein

One of my favorite memories from freshman year was Pierson Day towards the end of second semester. Everyone in Pierson sat outside in the courtyard, ate great food, and watched Dr. D and Dean Fabbri joust in a bouncy castle. It was a nice break from classes right before reading period, and it was one of the first sunny days of spring. Sitting in my college, everything that seemed scary at the beginning of the year started to feel like a distant memory. Laying out in the sun with friends I had met only months before, but whom I couldn’t imagine life without, I looked around and recognized so many of the people in the courtyard and understood what it meant to have Pierson as a home.

Adam Jenkinson

While I learned a lot of things during my first year, I think the biggest thing was how to accept not being the as successful as I was in high school. Whether it was academically, in extra-curriculars or even just socially, the lessons I learned (and am still learning) about being happy and determining success by my own standards, instead of standards by others, allowed me to free myself to become who I am now. As hard of a lesson as it was to learn at the time, full of disappointing moments and hard times, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Laura Leon

I had been waiting a long time to see my first snow fall. I peered out my Ldub window and saw the snow falling down one night. Now I had seen snow before but had never seen it actually fall. I ran outside with everyone and felt the light snow on my face. I stood in the courtyard admiring it for a while when someone on the first floor began to play Let It Go. People started singing and dancing. I grabbed my friend’s arm and we walked around old campus singing to the song. As we walked along the wooden fences, I grabbed the small amounts of snow and tried forming it into a ball. When we got back to Ldub everyone returned to studying. It was such a spontaneous event and one of my favorite memories.

Dasia Moore

My favorite memory from my first year is of the first day it snowed on campus that winter. Dozens of students ran to the LDub courtyard from all corners of Old Campus to taste snowflakes, toss mini snowballs, and sing “Let It Go.” Of course, most of us rejoicing in the snow were from very warm places. There were even people who had never seen snow before!

Makana Williams

My favorite memory from my first year at Yale is definitely experiencing my first snowfall on the east coast. Someone in L-dub had started to play Christmas music and as it filled the courtyard more and more first years began to gather and enjoy the pretty sight of snow sparkling under the courtyard lights. I went outside with two of my friends, Abby and Fandi, and we sang along to “Let it Snow”. I was chilly underneath my huge winter parka, but in my heart I was warm with the love of the L-dub community.