Pierson Freshman Counselors

Reed Dibich 

One of my favorite memories was winning Freshman Olympics. We started the day with only a handful of volunteers, but with a little motivation, we got all hands on deck and took home the trophy. We marched to the Pierson House, singing the Pierson fight song, and our Head of College treated us to a surprise victory celebration!

JT Flowers

Sitting in the L-Dub courtyard until the early hours of the morning relaxing and getting to know my incredible classmates. Nothing can quite replicate the magic of settling into Old Campus.

Julie Guthrie

One weekend in September my freshman year, someone in my entryway had a birthday, so several of us cooked in the Pierson kitchen and hung out and talked for a long time. That was a lot of fun and how I really got to know two of my sophomore and junior year suite mates.

Paul Holden

Old campus events; especially Dport/Pierson capture the flag (Pierson won).

Dara Huggins

Ja Rule x Diplo for Spring Fling: Transcendent.

Steven Roets

The Holiday Dinner is definitely one of my favorite memories. I am a fan of everything Christmas - I put up a seven-foot tall Christmas tree in my room on Halloween every year. The decor, the food, and the friends made the experience truly magical.

Stephanie Siow

My favorite memory from freshman year was the gradual process of getting to know my suitemates in L-Dub. The four of us hail from San Francisco, the Appalachian mountains in rural Virginia, New York City, and Singapore; we had to understand and live with many cultural differences. Our late nights and jam-packed schedules made for some ridiculous conversations and simply unforgettable adventures. Three years on, they are still some of my closest friends.

Will Viederman

I spent most of the fall sitting in the LDub courtyard, talking to whomever decided to walk by. I did most of my homework for the first few weeks there. It remains emblematic of the excitement of starting Yale and meeting all these new, wonderful people.