Davenport Freshman Counselors

Claire Daviss

Major: Ethics, Politics, and Economics

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: My freshman year I took a freshman seminar titled 20th Century African American Freedom Movements with Professor Crystal Feimster. We spent the whole semester reading interesting materials and studying the civil rights movement in a way that I had never before. The small class size allowed me to get to know a ton of awesome freshmen (including DC FroCo Connor!). At the end of the semester, Professor Feimster invited us over to her house for a delicious southern food dinner. The class bonded so well that we are hoping to plan a reunion this year!


Nicole Ivey

Major: Economics

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: One of my favorite memories from freshman year is bonding with my roommate over the sweltering heat and simultaneously knowing that we were going to be best friends.



Clare Kane

Major: Ethics, Politics and Economics / English

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Beating Pierson in Freshman Olympics!




Connor Kenaston

Major: History

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Holiday Dinner freshman year with my Davenport friends remains one of my favorite Yale memories.




Andre Morales

Major: Psychology (B.S.)

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: I loved Freshman Olympics. When your entire class devotes their Saturday to hanging out and cheering each other on, it’s going to be a good time.



Shuaib Raza

Major: History of Science, Medicine and Public Health

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Winning the Freshmen Olympics and leading Dport on a victory lap around Old Campus as the flag bearer. Looking forward to the repeat this year.




Ira Slomski-Pritz

Major: History

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Getting back to campus after Thanksgiving break, I dropped my luggage off in my room and headed to my friend’s suite. They had set up a Christmas tree and lights, and we sat around the tree together for hours, just talking and listening to music. It was the perfect welcome back to campus, and I was happy knowing I would be coming back to them for the next four years.



Zaina Zayyad

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology/Global Affairs

Favorite Freshman Year Memory: Ramadan iftars in Battell Chapel! Since Ramadan took place at the beginning of the year during my freshman year, a ton of Yalies and community members came together to end each day’s fast with prayer, good company, and delicious food. Then, at the end of Ramadan (Eid!), we had an Eid Banquet in Commons with over five hundred members of the Yale community. I got to give a whirlwind freshman reflection to the audience, which included my lovely new suitemates! That was my first Ramadan/Eid away from home, but it was SO incredibly special to share those moments with people who are now some of my closest friends.