Davenport Freshman Counselors

Andrew Bean

A moment that distinctly stands out to me freshman year is when I got back to campus after going home for thanksgiving. I walked into the Davenport courtyard on my way to dinner, and this feeling that I had made it to the end of my journey came over me. That was when I knew that I was at home at Yale.

Isabel Cruz

Sifting through all of the incredible memories, it’s difficult to choose one, but one of the most joyful moments that comes to mind is greeting everyone after winter break when we returned to campus. It was incredible how happy I was to see people I had known for such a short time but already felt so deeply connected to and with whom I had shared so many wonderful times, sharing meals in the dining hall, playing IMs and ultimate frisbee, chatting in the Women’s Center or in our suites all through the night–all of the experiences big and small that make the Yale experience beautiful. Starting the new semester with excited squeals and huge bear hugs, I was overcome with gratitude for the community that I was coming back to and excitement for all of the great moments to come. 

Nick Friedlander

I will never forget the first night that I worked in the Davenport Dive during my freshman fall. On that Sunday night, I learned how to cook bacon, make a quesadilla, and not kill myself while making a hamburger. It was the first time during my freshman year where I distinctly remember feeling part of the Davenport community, especially since I lived in Welch Hall. It was fun, exciting, and lively, full of people who wanted to get to know me as much as I wanted to get to know them (and some of these people are still my best friends today). It was such a great time not only for the memories that I have of it, but also for all of the wonderful memories that have been made just through deciding to work one buttery shift. The Dive has since been a place where I can find love and support on my lowest days, it’s a community of people who all care about one another, and I am so grateful for that experience.

Avery Grayson

The first snow day!  We spent a day running around in the snow and built a snowman to rival JE’s.

Rob LaRose

As a freshman, I very much enjoyed playing Davenport Intramural sports. It was a great way to meet upperclassmen in the college, and it also made a great excuse to avoid doing homework! Our Dean and Head of College also provided us a lobster dinner in the spring for winning the Tyng Cup, which was a plus.

Alison Levosky

One of my favorite parts of freshman year was getting involved with music groups, especially because it meant I got to travel more than I ever had before in my life! My freshman year, I got to go to Cuba with the Glee Club, which was so rewarding and such a whirlwind! I had never left the country before, and the lively musical culture of Cuba was an amazing first experience in a culture that was nothing like where I grew up. I also remember going straight from Cuba tour to another tour in San Fransisco with my a cappella group, Living Water, and that was particularly special because I got to live for a week in the hometown of one of my closest friends at Yale. I remember the music-making so fondly, but even more fondly, I remember sharing experiences with the people who I now consider my best friends.

Ishrat Mannan

Going stargazing with the Muslim Students Association.

Jasper Tyan

I convinced my suitemate of 2 months to take an impromptu trip to New York City to chase down “the girl of his dreams” and it worked.