Berkeley Freshman Counselors

Nickolas Brooks

Meeting my best friends many of whom are current FroCo’s as well!

Julian Drucker

I have a really great memory of the snowstorm Nemo, when we got something like 34 inches of fluffy white powder. New Haven looked beautiful covered in snow. It was the first time some of my friends from the west coast were experiencing snow, and enjoying it with them was particularly fun. There was a certain apocalyptic feeling about those few days: classes were canceled, there were no cars on the street (except one police car mysteriously stranded in the middle of Elm Street), and hardly any stores were open (except Gheav, of course). My friends and I went sledding on dining hall trays up by the observatory, had a big Berkeley vs. Pierson snowball fight in front of LDub (BK obviously won, at least to my recollection), and trekked across the snow to see some of our friends in a performance that somehow hadn’t gotten canceled. Those few days also exhibited the impressive creativity of many Yalies who worked together to build elaborate snow structures. I remember seeing, among other things, a gigantic three tier wedding cake behind Vandy with a little bride and groom on top, a massive submarine in the middle of Old Campus with an octopus attacking it from one side, and a huge igloo in the Branford courtyard which, I think, even made it into the New York Times. I remember those few days of Superstorm Nemo with a sort of mystical blur. At the time I thought of it as a much-needed recreational break from school. But now I realize, that was school. Looking back, Yale is everything from the stress of finals period to the friendships I’ve made here. I’ll be glad to have one more year of school with that realization under my belt. 

Tasnim Elboute

One of my favorites memories from freshman year is having a tea party with all the women living on my floor. It was such a great way to meet everyone! 

Abigail Gahm

Throughout the year, my mom would send my suite random packages full of goodies from the dollar store, and the spring box had lots of fun Easter themed toys. A couple weeks after Easter, there was an afternoon that all four of us were in the suite with “no school work” to do. So we pulled out the box and spent the afternoon laughing as we launched bunny head rockets across the suite and bounced punch balloons and had way more fun than we probably should have.

Ben Jacobs

Undoubtedly the most ill-advised thing I did my freshman year was hike up East Rock before dawn with my friends during a torrential downpour. We were sleep-deprived, the stones were slippery, and our clothes got soaked. Worse yet, the fogged-over skyline that greeted us at the top wasn’t even all that spectacular! Still, as we sat shivering at the Pantry afterward and devoured their signature cinnamon roll pancakes, the whole ordeal somehow felt worth it. Moral of the story: the food in New Haven can sweeten even the most sour experiences.

Hope Van Bronkhorst

Every Sunday a group of friends and I would go to brunch together in TD, an event we cleverly named “TD Brunch.”

Helen Zhao

My favorite memory from freshman year is from move-in. As soon as we pulled up to the drop-off spot, my car was swarmed by all the excited BK upperclassmen who immediately started unloading my stuff and bringing it up to my room. Almost as soon as I got out of the car, I remember being enthusiastically greeted by my dean, who then proceeded to recite my full name and hometown. Soon after, I met the college head, frocos, and tons of excited upperclassmen. It was incredible to feel so welcome and already part of a community despite having been on campus for all of two minutes. It was pretty much then that I knew I was home.