Trumbull First-Year Counselors

Kaylan Burchfield

Freshman year was full of memories, but my favorite one has to be my first Black Solidarity Conference (BSC). This is Yale’s largest conference, bringing together over 700 Black students from various universities. It was exciting to see so many collegiate Black scholars flood Yale’s campus because Black students at Yale only comprise 10% of the undergraduate population. From the candid debriefings to the talent show, Black Solidarity Conference continues to be my favorite event, and I look forward to this annual celebration every year.

Colin Burke

My favorite memory from my first year was watching my freshman counselor, Keren Abreu, perform at Radio House. I just remember the house being filled with such music and being surrounded by all of these people that I had become friends with in the past year. I just felt like a part of a group that was larger than myself and felt valued.

Diego Fernandez-Pages

My first year at Yale I learned a lot of things: how to drive (slowly) around a parking lot in Georgia over spring break; how to respectfully ask someone out for froyo; the difference between aquatint and mezzotint; the best way to handle a six-hundred year old book; the fact that the best coffee on campus is at Willoughby’s. I also learned what felt like hundreds of new names and faces as I met the people I’d be spending the next four years with. My first year here was all about having new experiences: at times overwhelming, but always eye-opening. It made for an experience that repeated itself over and over (more familiarly) throughout my time at Yale.

Naoka Gunawardena

My favorite memory from my first year was organizing and performing at my first “Spring Chutney” (my a cappella group’s annual spring show).  It was pretty incredible to spend a night appreciating music we had created, sharing the stage with a group that had quickly become my family, and having my parents and friends in the audience cheering me on.

Saran Morgan

It can be hard to pick my favorite memory from my first year at Yale but it’s definitely between winning the Halloween Costume Contest with a costume I built myself with materials from the CEID or the Fall Break camping trip my Freshman Seminar took through the Appalachian mountains where I got to start campfires, study rock formations, and connect with upperclassmen.

Fiona Riebeling

My suitemates and I were up late studying one night during reading period. We decided to take a break and do some karaoke. My favorite memory is standing on the coffee table in our common room, singing our hearts out to Disney songs, doing ridiculous dances, and laughing together. It was a great bonding moment, and they are still my best friends today.

Eli Westerman

During fall break of my freshman year I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail with a new friend. I had never been backpacking before. The first night, it started raining about an hour out from where we were supposed to stop for the night. We were cold, tired, and hungry. After wolfing down some food we just wanted to lay down in the tent and sleep. As we were cleaning our pots, we heard a loud crashing and a growl that only could have come from a bear. Immediately we started banging pots and pans and yelling. We heard the bear one more time. Finally, there was silence. After our hearts stopped pounding uncontrollably, we laid down in the tent to sleep. It was scary, to be sure, but it was a great time and the definition of a bonding experience. I felt completely at peace as I drifted off to sleep with the rain softly pitter-pattering on the top of the tent.