Freshman Mailings

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Important Health Forms:

The Yale College Dean’s Office sends an important packet through the U.S. Postal Service around May 15. If you do not receive this mailing within a reasonable amount of time, please contact the Office of Freshman Affairs at Be sure to include your complete address. We’ll send a new packet as soon as possible.

May Mailing:

Freshman Handbook
Preorientation Booklet
May Mailing Packet Letter
Family Information Card
Slifka Letter
Chaplain’s Office Information
Statement on the Disclosure of Directory Information
Yale Health Letter
Yale Payment Plan Letter
Student Financial Services Letter
Student Bond

Student Bond may be mailed to: 

Yale Student Bond
Student Financial Services
Yale University
P.O. Box 208232
New Haven, CT 06520-8232

Changes of Address

Your freshman packet is sent to you at your home address. If your family moves, let us know promptly of the change in your address (see below).It is important that we have your current address; without it, we cannot send you the material you will need for your first weeks at Yale. If in moving you leave a forwarding address with the post office, you must specifically request to have periodicals and third-class mail forwarded, as well as first-class letters, to be certain that publications reach you over the summer. Once you activate your NetID, you can use it to update your address in Student Information Systems.

Students with Foreign or APO Addresses

This packet has been sent airmail to your home address, and you will receive other mailings from Yale at that address. However, if you plan to be in the United States before the end of the summer and can receive mail at a U.S. address, please notify us of that address and the date on which you expect to arrive. Once you activate your NetID, you can use it to update your address in Student Information Systems.

Problems with Mail Delivery

In the event of problems with mail delivery, you may view summer publications on this site. Extra copies of all summer mailings will also be available at the information table on the Old Campus on move-in day (August 23), as well as at the Yale College Dean’s Office, 102 SSS.