Nakanishi Prize Nomination Form

Nomination for the Nakanishi Prize for Exemplary Leadership in Enhancing Race and/or Ethnic Relations at Yale College

The Nakanishi Prize will recognize two graduating seniors, who have provided exemplary leadership in enhancing race and/or ethnic relations at Yale College during their undergraduate career while maintaining high standards of academic achievement. Two prizes will be awarded. Nominations from members of the Yale community are welcome and will be reviewed by the selection committee which will include faculty members, deans, and undergraduate students. Prize recipients will be announced during Class Day exercises.

Nomination Guidelines

Any member of the Yale community may nominate a graduating senior whom he or she believes would be a good candidate for the prize as outlined by the award description above. Nakanishi Prize committee members cannot write nomination letters or serve as references. A list of committee members can be found at the Nakanishi Prize webpage. To nominate a student, complete the nomination information below.

Nominee Information

Share examples below of how the nominee has demonstrated exemplary leadership in enhancing race and/or ethnic relations at Yale College, including a detailed list of activities and involvements during his or her undergraduate career.

Nominee's Reference

Please list the name of one reference that we can contact. The reference must be a faculty member,
dean, coach, supervisor etc.