The Online Course Proposal Form (CPF)

The Online Course Proposal Form (CPF) allows instructors or departmental representatives to create an account, write a course proposal, and submit it electronically to a DUS. DUSes or department chairs can edit the proposal and then submit it to the Course of Study Committee.

Over the course of the 2013–2014 academic year, the online CPF will be replaced with the new Web-based curriculum management tool CourseLeaf.

Online Course Proposal Users:

RTF Undergraduate/Graduate Course Supplementary Form

Saving a document in Rich Text Format (RTF) allows any word processor that supports this feature to open the document and retain the formatting. Click on the link below to download a copy of the form in RTF to your desktop.

(NOTE: If your browser gives you a message that it does not know how to handle this type of file, choose either (a) “Save to..” to save the file to your desktop, or (b) “Configure a helper application”; in this case, find your word processor and click on it. Subsequently when you click on the link below, the browser will automatically open the form in your word processor.)

Open the form in your word processor and fill it out. If you are sending it on as an e-mail enclosure to another user for further filling out, save it in RTF unless you know that they use compatible software.