Policy against hazing

Because it violates our community values and standards, Yale College prohibits all acts of hazing.

 - from the Final Report of the Committee on Hazing and Initiations, April 21, 2011

Hazing is prohibited by state law in Connecticut. Yale policy, as outlined in the Undergraduate Regulations, goes beyond these state laws. In its definition of hazing, Yale’s policy prohibits any actions that “…intimidate, denigrate, or humiliate third parties…” who witness hazing activities. Yale’s policy makes clear that both individuals (officers and members) and organizations with any level of involvement in these behaviors “will be held responsible for hazing violations.

This web site is designed to provide easy access for students to hazing information and resources. We expect this site will expand with time, and we welcome recommendations for additions and improvements. We also encourage members of the Yale community to bring questions or concerns about hazing to our attention.