Resources, regulations, and guidelines – where to find them

September 11, 2017

Dear students,

Now that you are back on campus and planning social events, here is where you can find resources you can use all year:

Register off-campus events

If you’re hosting an event off campus, remember that you need to register it 48 hours in advance. You can always find the registration form on the Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative (AODHRI) website, but here’s the direct link to it in case you want to bookmark it.

Get medical help

You can get medical help for anyone who is intoxicated, including yourself or someone you don’t know, under the Medical Emergency Policy put in place last fall. The policy incorporates training and education as an alternative to disciplinary action in most circumstances if a student initiates the call for help. Be sure to read about it so you’ll know how it works. You can find more information about it here.

Learn about AODHRI

AODHRI’s (Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative) website is a great resource because it gives you updates about new initiatives in communications, programming, and education now being developed with student representation. Use it to stay up to date and to share your thoughts about the initiative. The AODHRI team is also happy to help you plan events and think through group dynamics.

Read the Undergraduate Regulations

Read the Undergraduate Regulations; everyone has to abide by them. In them, you will find all the guidelines and policies about social functionsacademic honestyalcohol and other drugsfraternity and sorority rush, and sexual misconduct. You can find all the Undergraduate Regulations here.

Read the Tailgate Regulations

As you plan tailgate events, read the regulations on the Athletics Department’s website.

Know about posters and Publicity

If you’re hanging posters for your event, read the Regulations’ postering section, which explains that for each event you may hang one 8.5” x 11” poster per bulletin board, kiosk, or display case (nowhere else), that you need to include the name of your organization on the poster, and, for postering in the colleges, that you need permission from the respective masters’ offices.

Insure your personal belongings

If you would like to insure your personal belongings – Yale University does not assume responsibility for them – you can purchase inexpensive property insurance here.

Update your emergency contact information

One last request: update your mobile phone number on the Student Information Systems site so that you can receive messages during campus emergencies. You can use that site to update your parents’ and guardians’ email addresses and mobile phone numbers; the emergency operations team uses that information to keep parents and guardians up to date in emergencies. Please review your record now. 

Have a great semester,
Dean Lizarríbar

Camille Lizarríbar
Senior Associate Dean of Yale College
Dean of Student Affairs