Class Night

September 1, 2017

Dear sophomores, juniors, and seniors,

As First-Year Orientation comes to a close on Monday evening, we would like to enlist your help in our annual tradition of Class Night.

Class Night began last year as a way to mark the end of orientation and as a bookend to Class Day. It is a chance for first-year students to hear from Dean Chun, the YCC, engage in the Yale tradition of “Bright College Years,” and to continue forming bonds with their residential college as well as their entire class.

The frosh will attend Yale Up at 7pm, and then at 9pm they will walk from the gym over to Old Campus where we will have a large circle of upper-level students waiting for them holding tea lights. The frosh will then join the upper-level students from their colleges. Dean Chun and a YCC representative will both offer words of welcome and affirmation to the students as they finish orientation and fully enter into the Yale community. After both talks, we will ask you to share the tea lights with the frosh as a symbolic sharing of light and truth. To end the event, the Glee Club will lead everyone in “Bright College Years” and mark the end of orientation. The event should take about 15-20min.

Class Night is designed to recognize our welcome of the frosh, help them feel fully part of our community, and give them a chance to reflect on what they want during their time here. We hope that the physical representation of the undergraduate community, along with a few moments of reflection, will resonate with the frosh and affirm that they belong here.

In order to make Class Night a success, we need as many upper-level students as possible to come out and support the new first-year students in their college! If you would like to participate, please meet representatives from the Yale College Dean’s Office on Old Campus (near Phelps gate) at 8:45PM on Monday, September 4th. At that time, we will hand out tea lights and the words to “Bright College Years” to all upper-level students, and get ready for the Class of 2021’s arrival.

Thank you, and we hope to see you at Class Night to further welcome the first-year students!

Yours in welcoming our frosh,

Dean L