Announcement - Arts in Yale College

Marvin Chun, Dean of Yale College

October 10, 2017

Dear Yale College Arts Colleagues,
I am writing to bring you up to date on staffing plans for the arts in Yale College.
As many of you know, Susan Cahan previously served as associate dean for the Arts in Yale College and in that role oversaw both curricular and co-curricular matters relating to the arts. Building on her good work, and to recognize the increased needs in the arts, the arts curriculum and co-curriculum will now be supported separately, with increased attention to both.
I am very pleased to announce that on the curricular side, the Creative Arts Advisory Committee, chaired by Daniel Harrison, Allen Forte Professor of Music Theory, will oversee all matters related to the arts curriculum in Yale College. Working across multiple departments and schools, the committee’s focus will include arts courses offerered to students in Yale College; majors; necessary curricular resources; and student prizes.
Kathryn Krier, as new assistant dean for the arts, will oversee all of the extra-curricular arts offices at Yale College, including the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media, Yale Bands, Yale Glee Club, and the Yale Symphony Orchestra. Kate will administer arts resources, coordinate student arts organizations, support the heads and deans of Yale College, and serve as arts liaison to the dean of Yale College.
Kate will also continue to serve as Director of Production, leading the Undergraduate Production Office. This year Kate is leading the creation of a new website which will serve as a virtual art center for Yale College, connecting all of the existing web resources and providing one place to go to find information on the arts at Yale.
Over the last few years, Dan and Kate have worked together on many different issues, and they look forward to formalizing their collaboration to support and enhance the arts in Yale College.
Please join me in thanking both Dan and Kate for agreeing to take on these responsibilities.