Course of Study

The Course of Study Committee is the standing committee of the Yale College Faculty with which directors of undergraduate studies have the most direct and frequent contact. It is composed of members of the faculty drawn from the divisions of the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences; members of the Yale College Dean’s Office; and undergraduate students. The Course of Study Committee is the main agency by which the Yale College Faculty controls, supervises, and improves the curriculum of Yale College. One of its chief responsibilities is considering and approving (or rejecting) proposals for additions or alterations to the curriculum submitted to it by departments and programs. The secretary to the chair of the Course of Study Committee is Beth Baumgartel, 246 Church Street, 432-7863.

In substantive matters the approval of the Course of Study Committee is not final but is subject to ratification by the Yale College Faculty. The addition of any new course to the curriculum, or a significant change in any already existing course or program, thus requires the approval of the Course of Study Committee and then of the faculty. For information about proposals for new courses and for changes in existing courses, changes to requirements of the major, and notification of Course of Study Committee’s Actions, see the Handbook for Directors of Undergraduate Studies in Yale College.

Committee members

John Wargo, Chair (fall)

Lawrence Manley, Chair (spring)

George Levesque, Vice-Chair

Beth Baumgartel, Secretary

Nicole Evans, Recording Secretary

Emily Shandley, ex officio

Roderick McIntosh         

Vincent Wilczynski, ex officio

Greta LaFleur    

Tim Newhouse

Dylan Gee          

Jacob Middlekauf, SY ‘19              

Albin Quan, TD ‘20

Saloni Rao, DC ‘20