Students Participate in 2013 Freshman Olympics

By Wesley Yiin, PC '16

The entire freshman class was out on Old Campus on Saturday, April 13, 2013, to participate in the Freshman Olympics, an annual event in which the twelve residential colleges compete against each other in a variety of different sports and games.

Throughout the afternoon, the different events took place at different locations around Old Campus. The winners, runners-up, and third-placers of each event were awarded varying amounts of points, and the college with the highest amount of points at the end of the day won the overall competition.

Events included traditional sports such as soccer and party games like tug-of-war and dodgeball. For less athletic students, there were games like trivia, Super Smash Bros. (a video game) and Wikiracing, in which players all begin on the same Wikipedia page and must attempt to get to another given page as quick as they can by clicking on links within each page.

The games kicked off at 11 AM with Opening Ceremonies, which featured an event in which each college’s Freshman Counselors had to stomp on balloons tied to another FroCo’s feet in order to be the last man standing with an intact balloon. Rewon Child, PC ’13, won the event.

Another popular event was the Dance-Off. Groups of three to ten students represented each college by performing a rehearsed and choreographed dance routine in front of a panel of upperclassmen judges and an audience of their peers. The judges then scored the routines, and the dance with the highest score prevailed.

Jonathan Edwards College won the Dance-Off and other events, including a Rap Battle, thereby placing second in the overall competition. However, it was Morse College that emerged as the competition’s overall victor, having won Change Wars and placing high in a number of other games.

 The event, which was planned and hosted by members of the Freshman Class Council (FCC), successfully united freshmen within their residential colleges while simultaneously allowing them to interact with their friends and classmates in other colleges. Yaphet Getachew, PC ’15, a member of FCC, commented on the success and purpose of the event. “"After a year of getting to know the people in your residential college, Freshman Olympics is about coming out and representing the group that you now call your family."