Calendar for the Opening Days of College, Class of 2017

Welcome from the Dean of Student Affairs

We eagerly look forward to your arrival, and we hope to make your transition to Yale and New Haven as easy as possible. We recognize that you are likely approaching your preparations with a mixture of enthusiasm and apprehension; it is an exciting time, but questions abound concerning what lies ahead. Let me assure you that you are not alone in asking questions, and you will not be alone in finding answers to them. You will soon discover that many people at Yale—upperclassmen, faculty, deans, and staff members—are ready to help you find your way.

We have planned many meetings and events during your first days to introduce you to the academic, social, and cultural life at Yale. These meetings and events are listed and described in this booklet. We can­not possibly tell you everything there is to know about Yale during the opening days of the term, but we hope to give you the critical infor­mation you need to get started and to introduce you to the kinds of resources available here.

I urge you to begin by reading the first section, “Toward Academic Success: A Guide to Academic Advising at Yale.” It provides an outline of Yale’s freshman advising program, and it summarizes essential academic information to keep in mind during course selection period. The second section, “Schedule of Events,” lists the meetings and events that take place each day during Freshman Orientation. Please be aware that most orientation sessions are not repeated, so it is important to review this schedule carefully and note those meetings that apply to you. The last section, “Departmental Meetings and Placement Information,” lists in alphabetical order the departments and programs that require a placement test, preregistration, or consultation with a departmental representative. If you have any questions about these meetings, consult your freshman counselor or residential college dean when you arrive on campus.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer, and I look forward to seeing you in New Haven.

Sincerely yours,

W. Marichal Gentry
Sr. Associate Dean of Yale College
Dean of Student Affairs
Dean of Freshman Affairs