Major Changes in the Undergraduate Regulations, 2011-2012

 1. Changes in multiple sections of the Regulations explaining that the new University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) will handle all complaints of sexual misconduct.  Students may bring complaints directly to this committee.  The Executive Committee will no longer handle such complaints.  

2. Amplified definitions of sexual misconduct, sexual consent, and sexual harassment. 

3. New hazing rules in the General Conduct section.  Made Yale’s hazing rules more strict than Connecticut law and made it clear that groups (as well as individuals) could be penalized for hazing infractions. 

4. A requirement that three officers of all undergraduate organizations must attend training in hazing and sexual misconduct prevention.  

5. A new rule that unregistered student organizations are required to furnish basic information (name of the group, names of three officers) to the Yale College Dean’s Office and certify that they will abide by the Undergraduate Regulations. 

6. Clarification that students who are suspended must vacate their rooms in the time specified by the Executive Committee, no longer than 72 hours. 

7. Stronger language concerning the use of the Yale name and Yale trademarks.

8. Restrictions on prescription drugs--sharing, procuring, buying, or using in a manner different from as prescribed or use by someone other than the person for whom it is prescribed. 

9. Limitations on the storage of student belongings in the summer. 

10. Rules limiting chalking on sidewalks (4’x4’) and prohibitions against hanging banners or decorations on the exterior of Yale buildings.