Free Bartender Training for Students

Starting in January, the Yale College Dean's Office in conjunction with Yale Catering will be offering free bartender training to all undergraduates. The first half of the training consists of nationally standardized TIPS certification, which focuses on alcohol safety and qualifies students to bartend for establishments nationwide. The second half of the training is a module on mixology taught by an experienced bartender from Yale Catering.

The primary goal of this training is to create a safer alcohol environment on the Yale campus. Students will learn how to mix good drinks with the proper proportion of alcohol and how to discern who should not be served alcohol because of either intoxication or underage status.  It will also have the added benefit of giving students the certification to work as bartenders for Yale Catering or other establishments.

The link to register is: 

The sessions will be January 28th and 29th and February 19th and 20th; time and location details are in the survey.