Education Studies


The undergraduate program in Education Studies provides a structure for students interested in educational institutions, policy, research, teaching, and learning. The program also promotes a multidisciplinary understanding of the role of education historically, socially, politically, and economically.

Any Yale College student interested in education is encouraged to take the foundation course in Education Studies, EDST 110. This course is open-enrollment and will entail a hybrid mix of lecture and discussion.  It explores the historical, philosophical, and theoretical underpinnings of the field and helps students understand the critical role of education in society. The course examines aspects of education practice, research, and policy from a variety of angles, and it also explores the local context of public education in New Haven and Connecticut.  EDST 110 will be offered both Fall and Spring semesters in 2013-2014.  Beginning in 2014-2015, it will be offered as a Fall course only.  Additional Education Studies courses will be added as the program continues to develop. 

While Yale does not offer a teaching certificate program, students can apply to become a Yale Education Studies Undergraduate Scholar. The program selects students with appropriate background and interest in educational practice, research, and/or policy, and develops their experience and involvement in issues related to education.  EDST 110 is the only prerequisite for applying to become an Education Studies Scholar.  Please visit the "Scholars Program" tab for more information.

The Education Studies program hosts regular events for students to interact with leaders in education practice, policy, and research. 

Education Studies Scholars applications are now being accepted from current freshmen and sophomores.  The deadline is March 31 at 5:00pm.  Click on the attached document below to access the application.

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