IAC Funding Guidelines, Applying for Co-Sponsorship from the IAC

Funding Guidelines  

The IAC works to create a more culturally aware and inclusive campus community through programming, advocacy and supportive resources. The IAC collaboratively offers educational and social programming in order to enhance our students’ overall success and post-graduate preparation by providing opportunities for personal growth and advocacy; constructive intercultural dialogue; and for challenging bias on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, citizenship or other identities.

The IAC Funding Committee is always interested in supporting events that coincide with this mission. It is open to ingenuity and new ideas when it comes to defining and exploring the various cultures that enrich our campus community, with the understanding that culture refers not only to race and ethnicity but also to the multitude of unique and distinct groups here at Yale. The IAC Funding Committee wants to fund events that foster unity and inclusion.


  • The IAC Funding Committee will award no more than $250 for an event.

  • The event needs to be collaborative (at least two groups organizing the event)

  • Currently, IAC funding is available for the undergraduate community, and thus applications must be submitted by undergraduates. Graduate student organizations may contact us at IAC@yale.edu for information on seeking campus funding.

  • The proposed event must be free and open to the public.

  • The IAC will not contribute to fundraisers.

  • Application must be submitted at least 10 business days before the event

  • Proposals for events that have already happened will not be considered.

  • If the event is approved, there must be an acknowledgement of the IAC’s contribution on the event’s promotional materials (flyers, emails, etc.).

  • The application must state the organization’s other funding sources.

Applying for Co-Sponsorship from the Intercultural Affairs Council 

The Intercultural Affairs Council seeks to co-sponsor events that connect two or more undergraduate organizations and that promote intercultural understanding. Proposals must have at least two other funding sponsors* before being considered by the IAC. Interested student organizations should send a brief description of the event to the IAC Funding Committee at IAC@yale.edu.  

The application should include:

  • Name of event

  • Date and time of event

  • Contact person and organization

  • Requested amount of funding from IAC

  • A detailed budget that includes a list of other sponsors/funding sources

  • Any other relevant materials

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis but must be submitted at least 10 business days before the event’s date. IAC co-sponsorships are typically in the range of $250 or less.

* sponsors are student organizations or Yale centers/institutions/programs that are also providing funding for your event in addition to the IAC.