Yale Alumni Auditing Program

Are you a Yale University alumnus or alumna, or an alumni spouse?  If so, you are eligible to audit Yale College courses. 

Please read the FAQs, below, for more information, including how to get started.


Who is eligible to use the Yale Alumni Auditing Program?

Degree-holding Yale alumni and their spouses are given the opportunity to audit Yale College classes, expand their intellectual interests, and experience the daily life of Yale College.

How do I apply?

No application is necessary. Yale alumni simply email their name (first, middle, and last) and year of graduation to Ms. Sarah DelVecchio, at sarah.delvecchio@yale.edu for verification.  Alumni spouses email their spouse’s name (first, middle, and last) and year of graduation.

The deadline for requesting verification is one week into the term, both in the fall and the spring.  Please consult the Yale College Calendar of Pertinent Deadlines for the current deadline.

Once the degree verification process has been completed, instructions for enrolling in courses will be emailed to the alumnus, alumna, or spouse.

Is there a fee for auditing courses?

Yes, there is a $600 per-course fee for auditing courses.  Payment of the fee gives auditors access to Yale College courses and faculty, and to the Yale University library system, including borrowing privileges.

Do I need to complete an auditing form?

Yes, verified participants in this program must submit a Yale College Auditing Course Registration form for each course they seek to audit.  Forms are available online and in the Special Programs Office at 1 Prospect Street [click link for directions], in the Academic Affairs suite (lower level).

Do I receive a Yale ID card and NetID?

No, neither a Yale ID card nor a NetID are necessary to audit courses through this program and are not issued. Auditors may obtain a library access card from the Sterling Memorial Library Permissions Desk, however, and are able to take books out of the Yale library system. Instructions are provided after the degree verification process (see above).

Which courses may I audit?

The Yale Alumni Auditing Program covers Yale College (undergraduate) courses only.  Generally speaking, those are courses numbered between 100-499.

May I audit a Graduate School or professional school course?

If you seek to audit a Graduate or professional school course, you must contact that school directly to inquire about their auditing procedures. The Yale Alumni Auditing Program covers Yale College courses only.

Is permission of the instructor required?

Yes, your course instructor and the head of the Yale Alumni Auditing Program, Dean Risa Sodi, must sign your auditing form before you may begin auditing. You are requested to obtain the instructor’s signature first and then bring the signed form to the Special Programs Office for Dean Sodi’s signature.  Please note that instructors may set their own auditing policies, and that some accept auditors, while others do not.

Where do I find Yale College course information?

The Yale College Programs of Study contains a detailed description of the courses offered in Yale College. Online listings and course evaluations are also available through Yale Online Course Information

When is my auditing form due?

The deadline for submitting Yale College Auditing Registration forms coincides with the last day that undergraduate course schedules are due each term. Such dates are listed on the Yale College Calendar of Pertinent Deadlines.

Will I receive course credit for the courses I audit?

No, auditors do not earn course credits. If you wish to take classes for credit, please consider applying to the Non-Degree Students Program.

Where is the auditing office located?

The auditing office is part of the Special Programs unit of Academic Affairs.  It’s located on the lower level of Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (SSS), at 1 Prospect Street [click link for directions], New Haven, CT.


Ms. Donalee Slater (donalee.slater@yale.edu) 203-432-7035 or Ms. Sarah DelVecchio (sarah.delvecchio@yale.edu) 203-432-1037