Seminar List by Instructor

Spring 2017

Instructor Name Seminar Title Course Number
Baldwin, Sherman Innovation and Leadership in America

CSES 360

Berg, David

Identity, Development, and Transition in Early Adulthood

CSSM 360

Bomford, Mark

Approaches to Sustainable Food and Agriculture

CSYC 361

Crumlish, Peter

Power and Organizing in the City

CSYC 360

Eisenberg, Ziv

Reproductive Health, Gender, and Power in the United States

CSBR 360

Ford, Jack

Trials of the Century 

CSTD 360

Guy, Alfred

Fantasy in Literature and Film

CSCC 360

Halpern, Jake and Paul, Annie The Craft of Narrative Journalism

CSMC 360

Raskin, Gregory and Yashodhara, Dash

The Business and Science of Medicine

CSSY 360

Sender, Courtney

Myth, Magic, Miracle, A Creative Writing Seminar

CSBK 360

Seppälä, Emma

The Psychology of Happiness: How to Apply It and How to Write About It

CSPC 360

Slifka, David and Mansharamani, Vikram Boombustology

CSJE 360

Smith, Wake

Venture Capital and Private Equity

CSTC 360

Van Doren, Adam

Mastering the Art of Watercolor

CSDC 360