Seminar List by Instructor

Spring 2015

Instructor Name Seminar Title Course Number

Bomford, Mark

Approaches to Sustainable Food and Agriculture

CSBK 320

Bronin, Luke

Economic Sanctions in U.S. Foreign Policy

CSYC 320

Chen, Joyce

Gay Rights, Abortion Rights, and Religious Freedom

CSTD 320

Ford, Jack

Trials of the Century

CSMC 320

Glick, Adam

Great Big Ideas

CSYC 324

Halpern, Jake

The Craft of Narrative Journalism

CSJE 320

Klimchock, Carolee

Social History of Gossip

CSPC 320

Ng, Jason Q.

Digital Media Activism

CSSM 320

Polner, Frederick

Internet Laws and Technology

CSYC 321

Ponet, James

The Book of Job and Contemporary Evil

CSSY 320

Powers, Richard

The Role of Real Estate in Economy and Society

CSDC 320

Richards, Alden

The Space Industry in U.S. History

CSCC 320

Sager, Jessica

Child Care, Society, and Public Policy

CSES 320

Van Doren, Adam

Mastering the Art of Watercolor

CSYC 323

Wagner, Janna

Child Care, Society, and Public Policy

CSES 320

Wright, Justin

Negotiation and Behavior Change

CSBR 320

Young, Dara

Prison Conditions in Modern America

CSTC 320