Application Information

Students interested in a college seminar must apply before the first week of classes. Applications are available through links accessible on the Yale College Preference Selection, Preregistration, and Applications page. The application includes a brief statement of interest, with some courses requiring a writing sample. Instructors admit the students and results are posted before the start of the term.

Seminars are ordinarily limited to eighteen students (exceptions are noted in the course descriptions). College sponsorship of a seminar is indicated by the inclusion of the college’s initials in the course number, and six spaces are reserved for members of that college. The remaining spaces are open to all undergraduates regardless of college affiliation. The seminars sponsored by Yale College, as indicated by the inclusion of “YC” in the course number, are open to all undergraduates regardless of college affiliation, with no spaces reserved for a specific college.

Ordinarily, students may enroll in only one college seminar per term and may apply to no more than two. Students may enroll in no more than four college seminars total during their Yale career. Auditing is not permitted, and graduate students are not eligible to apply.