Senior Capstone Project

Education Studies Scholars complete a thesis-equivalent research project during senior year to culminate their work in the program.  Project types include curriculum development, original qualitative or quantitative research, policy analysis, and literature review.  As Scholars prepare to graduate, they present their work in the Capstone Colloquium to an audience consisting of all Education Studies Scholars, faculty, mentors, community members, family and friends.  Listed below are the Capstone project titles for our first two cohorts in 2016 and 2015.

2016 Education Studies Scholars

2015 Education Studies Scholars


Laura Brink                                                                         

Electrical Engineering Major                                                   

Senior Capstone Project Title: 5th Grade Technology Curriculum                                           

Marisol Dahl

Sociology Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: Early Literacy and the Publishing Industry

Reilly Foote

Psychology Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: Physical Education in Elementary Education

Amalia Halikias

Political Science Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: The Unexpected, Adverse Effects of Race-Based Affirmative Action Policy in College Admissions


Avery Jones                                                                                                                       

English Major                                                                                                  

Senior Capstone Project Title: 8th Grade English Curriculum     


Rafi Khan 

Computer Science Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: Igneo Academy: A Free Tech Bootcamp in Cape Town

       Grace Lindsey

American Studies Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: New Haven’s Transitional Schools

Dominic Lounds

Art Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: “My Stinky Little Brother Doesn’t Like to Read”: A Venture in Children’s Literature 


 Molly Michaels

 Psychology Major

        Senior Capstone Project Title: Surveying Anxiety and Depression at Yale  


Billy Moran

Psychology and Political Science Double Major       

Senior Capstone Project Title: Federal Student Aid: Developing a 5 Year Strategy Plan  


Linh Nguyen

Political Science Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: The Influence of Private Funds in Education Reform



Ezra Ritchin

Ethics,Politics& Economics Major

Senior Capstone Project Title: Community Policing and Youth: Programs directed at Adolescents  


 Gavin Schiffres

 Ethics,Politics& Economics Major

 Senior Capstone Project Title: Student-Led Education: A New Public School Model    


Micah Sukol

Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Major

       Senior Capstone Project Title: Citizenship and Education in Arizona’s American Civics Act