Scholars Program

The Education Studies Scholars program establishes interdisciplinary cohorts of Yale College students with a range of academic majors. Each Scholar develops a course plan within the Education Studies curriculum that advances their interests in one or more aspects of education studies – practice, policy, and research – culminating in a yearlong Capstone, comprised of a seminar senior fall (beginning with 2018 cohort) and an independent research project colloquium course senior spring.  In between the Foundations (EDST 110) and Capstone, Scholars will select a minimum of two elective courses in other departments as well as the Education Studies program.  This means the Scholars program requires a total of five (minimum) courses, plus a field experience in which Education Studies Scholars gain practical knowledge and skills through a summer or academic-year educational opportunity, such as a fellowship or internship in a school, non-profit, government, or other setting.  In addition to these program requirements, Scholars will be expected to participate in regular Ed Studies-sponsored events.  They will also benefit from exploring educational topics through collaboration with their cohort, as well as advising relationships with mentors.

Thank you for your interest in the Education Studies Scholars Program.  Students in the class of 2020 will be eligible to apply in Fall 2017 (if they have taken the prerequisite EDST 110 either freshman or sophomore fall).