Field Experience

All Education Studies Scholars are required to complete a field experience, which could entail a full summer internship/fellowship or be conducted part-time during the academic year. This list (originally generated by Undergraduate Career Services) is a resource for all students interested in education.  It contains a number of programs and organizations, both in New Haven and elsewhere, including some that offer post-graduate opportunities.  

The Education Studies Scholars program offers a Field Experience Fellowship to support Scholars in unpaid internships or other projects during the summer.  In 2015, the fellowship supported Scholars in a range of internships including the New York State Department of Education, the Clayton-Christensen Institute, the Center for Arts Education, the Campaign for Educational Equity, and the US State Department, as well as research in Denmark, Japan, and Washington state.  2016 fellowship recipients are placed at sites including Head Start, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the Musee de l’Illustration Jeunesse, the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), City Center, and the New York State Department of Education.