Executive Committee

The 2013-14 Executive Committee roster:
Ruth Blake, Chair
Alan Mikhail, Fact Finder
Pamela George, Secretary
Rodney Cohen, Dean’s Designate
Valerie Horsley
Brian Kane
Mary Lui
Drew McDermott, Adviser
Thomas Near
Susan Sawyer, Adviser
Lorraine Siggins, Adviser
Ebonya Washington
Brian Wood
Austin Jaspers, TC ‘15
Nicole Shibley, TC `14
James Volz, SY ’15
The Executive Committee, appointed by the dean of Yale College, is the standing committee of the Yale College Faculty for matters of undergraduate discipline. Its chair is a senior member of the faculty, and its membership includes three tenured members of the faculty, three untenured members of the faculty, three undergraduates, the dean of Yale College or his or her delegate, a fact finder, and a secretary who is an assistant or associate dean of Yale College. Dean Pamela George, the Secretary of the Executive Committee, can be reached confidentially at 203-432-9072.

As an institution, the Executive Committee is responsible to the Yale College Faculty and ultimately to the University. The committee is charged with protecting the Yale College community so as to ensure the integrity of academic instruction, the well-being of students, and the preservation of the property and educational resources of the University. The Executive Committee’s jurisdiction includes offenses described in the Undergraduate Regulations as well as other actions on the part of students that may in the judgment of the committee warrant disciplinary action because they may imperil the integrity and values of the Yale community or the well-being of its members.